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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pregnancy Photo Ideas

Pregnancy Photo Ideas

Close to Nature 

 During pregnancy, a woman is told to take in all that she can from her surroundings so that it has a positive effect on her child. It is definitely true that the environment a child is exposed to in spite of being in a womb affects her/his personality to some extent. So that this period is tranquil and peaceful, exposing oneself to the outdoors, feeling close to nature, and capturing these picturesque moments is a great idea.

As such, photographs during pregnancy clicked outdoors perfectly capture its essence in that the serenity on the mother's face is absolutely charming. The pictures given on either side are some of the poses you can choose from, though the setting may not be restricted to water or the beach, but can easily be switched to the foothills of a snow-covered cap or at the park, or even in the ruins of a vintage building. 
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